Pretty Brown releases Parent

August 25, 2016
Contributed Pretty Brown

Recording artiste Pretty Brown knows at first hand what it is like to grow up without a father in the household. The Florida-based singer makes her feelings known in her latest single 'Parent', which was produced by Rencie Kolours from Kolours Everlasting Entertainment.

"The issue of fathers missing from the lives of their children has been around for centuries. This song is something that everyone can relate to. Whenever I write a song it has to feel like I am somehow connected to the words and flow of the song," said Pretty Brown.

Born Verron Vaccianna, the Grange Hill, Westmoreland native migrated to Florida 26 years ago. A certified nursing assistant, she said her first love is music. "The journey for me has been a hard-fought dream that I am dedicated to seeing as reality. While growing up, music has been a way for me to escape into my own reality," she said.

Her dreams of pursuing music were put on hold after she became pregnant. "My kids are now grown and I feel the time is right for me to get back to my dreams and write music again," said Pretty Brown.

In an attempt to make her dream a reality, the artiste has recorded songs, including Babylon, Invasion, Jamaica Nice and her current single Parent. "When I think about the all-time greats of not just reggae but music in general, I can only hope that my work can live up to their legacy. Working to such high standards as those before me only motivates me to do my absolute best," she explained.

Parent can be viewed and purchase online. The artiste also lauded her producers for the time invested in her talent.

"Corey Robinson and Renice Kolours have been very supportive. I appreciate their hard work, especially Renice, who has been a big help. All this would not have been possible without him," Pretty Brown said.

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