Men twerking to Charly Black's 'Bike Back'

September 09, 2016
Charly Black
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Contributed Charly Black in a scene from the video

Recording artiste Charly Black seems unbothered by the fact that men are now flocking the 'Bike Back Challenge', in which they post videos of themselves wining and twerking to his 'Bike Back' song.

"I can't tell who to enjoy my music. I only sing them for the people," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The Bike Back Challenge was originated recently by a member of Charly Black's Team Unstoppable.

"It was Anika Unstoppable who just started the challenge, and to be honest, I didn't tell her to do it. She just sent me the video. She posted it, and then I posted it. It started from her Facebook, and that's when all females started following," Charly Black explained.

The challenge involves individuals following the instructions given in Charly Black's Bike Back song. An excerpt from the song says, "Ladies, place your hands on your knees. Now, sink in yuh back, take yuh time and look pon the man wha you a wine pon. Cock up yuh big bumpa pon the bike back. Bumpa ready fi the RR bike back."




Though the challenge seems geared at women, the men were not to be outdone, as they started taking on the Bike Back Challenge too, uploading videos of themselves wining, twerking, going on their head tops, and shaking their bottoms to the song.

One male who took on the challenge went to the extreme of wearing nothing but high heels and underpants. Another man who did the challenge was clad in a house dress.

Though the Trelwany-born artiste did not bash the men for twerking to his song, others on social media did not hold their lashing tongues when commenting on the men's Bike Back Challenge videos.

One person said the men need psychological help. "I don't see anything funny about a man dressed in his underwear and heels (a woman's clothing traditionally), whining his behind for the world to see. It's foolish adolescent behaviour for a man."




Another added, "Gone are the days when our men actually behaved like men, why is this being glorified?" While one questioned, "Y'all would accept your sons doing this? Shaking my head. Hate fi see man a gwaan like woman"

"When Charly Black see this, him might commit suicide," another said.

However, Charly Black, who is currently on tour in Europe, seemed far removed from any suicidal thoughts. He said he is elated that his Bike Back song is now doing well, after being released in July 2014.

"I know I write good material, but sometimes DJs on radio or in the dancehall don't care, no matter how I promote. I'm happy my unstoppable girls love the song, and are dancing to it all over the world," he said.

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