DJ Nicco bats for new artistes

September 14, 2016
DJ Nicco
DJ Nicco

Popular radio disc jockey DJ Nicco recently had tongues wagging on social media after he posted a video on Instagram claiming some DJs were not extending a fair enough courtesy to up-and-coming artistes as they would normally do for the more established acts.

According to DJ Nicco, the music industry cannot be sustainable without fresh acts.

In the now-viral video, DJ Nicco stated: "I don't understand why people get excited to break a new song from somebody and you know his song is gonna shot anyway. It's not exciting, the same energy that you put behind saying I have a new Kartel, Alkaline, Mavado you don't put it behind a new artiste. Dem nuh sey yow da artiste ya a guh bad da artiste ya name Rain Drops yu zimi somebody with talent. Yu know the man dem have talent but they rather put that energy behind a new song which is gonna break whether you break it or not because the artiste done already big. So why not take that same energy and put it behind a new artiste and shub out some artiste? Mek wi have some more artiste inna the dancehall ... more people out there think about it," he said.




When contacted by THE STAR the DJ/producer added some clarity to his post, stating that he was not attacking DJs.

"The presentation of the new artiste is important because without new artistes our music will die. Everybody grows up ... music will never die but the people making the music will. After a while we will just have the imitations which people abroad seem to be doing well. Don't get me wrong, and if this article doesn't not mention this I will definitely sue on record ... I am not cussing that the DJs are not playing new artistes. I did not say it. I have a problem with the presentation of the new artiste as opposed to the presentation of an artiste that everybody expects hits from. My issue with the DJs is that the fireworks and the spectacle and the big show on playing a song that that will more than likely break, I don't see that with new artiste. It is always with the artistes who are already in form. I am not saying kill one to build one, I am saying do that but do so with the young artistes as well ... I am not cussing the DJs and any DJ that takes issue with that is not doing his job properly if he is only relying on the hit maker because DJs need to be breaking new artistes to keep the culture moving," DJ Nicco said.

Following the comment, DJ Nicco's timeline was immediately flooded by persons who congratulated the DJ for his bold post. DJ Nicco is promoting the SHS Rhythm featuring Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Red Rat, among others.

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