Bolt claims Popcaan's 'We still A win'

September 15, 2016
file Usain Bolt celebrates winning the men's 100 metres final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 14.
In this 2008 file photo, (from left) Ravers Clavers dancer Strength, Usain Bolt and Ding Dong dance up a storm at Usain Bolt's homecoming concert that was held on the grounds of the William Knibb Memorial High Schoo in Trelawny

A year after he splashed cash at selectors to play only 'Gaza songs' at Uptown Mondays, Usain Bolt resurrected memories of the incident when he took the microphone and declared, "Mi nah pay fi stop nuh song".

Last December, Bolt, a strong supporter of the Gaza empire, which was led by convicted murderer Vybz Kartel, raised eyebrows when he instructed the party selectors to play only songs from the Gaza boss.

"A weh yuh wah mi do, pay yuh?" he said before throwing the $1,000 notes on top of the turntables.

The selectors then gave in to Bolt's request, playing a number of Kartel's songs, including Which League to which Bolt sang along.

However, he did not repeat the theatrics on Monday. Instead, when Bolt took the microphone at the Savannah Plaza venue, he proceeded to play Popcaan's We Still A Win.

"Mi nah pay fi stop nuh song ... Mi jus a hold a vibes caw people know say a Gaza mi seh," Bolt said.


greatest ever


He continued: "Weh dem a go do ya now ... It get crazy now ... A me still a win ... Da song ya a my song enuh... Yow, everybody know say a me say da Popcaan song ya... If da song ya nah play ina mi playlist, it nuh mek nuh sense," Bolt said.

We Still A Win was Bolt's anthem at the recent Rio Olympic Games, where he underlined his status as the greatest ever sprinter.

Bolt created history at the recently concluded Rio Olympic Games, becoming the first to treble (100m, 200m, 4x100m) winning gold in three consecutive games in 2008, 2012, and 2016, captivated the jam-packed weekly event.

Patrons rushed at the opportunity to take photos of the nine-time Olympic gold medallist in action off the track. The Olympian showcased his dancing skills endorsing the latest dance moves.

Bolt did the 'Elevate', 'Get There, and 'Breadfruit', among other popular dances.

He briefly owned a section of the dance floor alongside entertainer Chi Ching Ching and dancers Shelly Belly, Gabbidon, Kool Kids, and other members of the 'Get There' squad

Bolt later walked over to the selecting booth and took over the microphone joining resident selectors Boom Boom and Harry Hype.

Bolt's history as a a colourful patron at Uptown Mondays is well documented. Last October, during his short stint on the turntables, he classed the Vybz Kartel impersonators as blind mice.

"One likkle youth a try imitate the Gaza youth, mi nah call nuh name ... three blind mice, three blind mice. All when him incarcerate and a easy himself. When the boss come a road, hear mi a seh? I will be downtown for the Gaza boss, hear mi seh," Bolt belted over the microphone.

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