I DIDN'T THREATEN TO KILL MY CHILD ...Artiste said he is being framed

September 16, 2016
Kid Kurup

Dancehall artiste Kid Kurupt and his babymother, Devina Burn, who is also an entertainer, are now embroiled in a bitter altercation over their three-year-old child.

Devina Burn, who is currently living in the US, is claiming that Kid Kurupt, with whom the child lives in Jamaica, is threatening to kill the child in his sleep.

In a recent Instagram post, she shared a screenshot of messages, which allegedly came from Kid Kurupt.

The 21-year-old singer, whose given name is Devina Burnett, also claimed that Kid Kurupt prevented her from talking to the child on his third birthday on Monday, and that he has been holding the child ransom for seven months.

"I cannot get a chance to speak with my child, but [I was] threatened to never see him again if I do not send money," she posted.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Kid Kurupt, whose given name is Javan Rodney, yesterday, he denied the allegations that he threatened to kill his child.

"All these things where she saying I'm threatening to kill my son, I don't know nothing bout that. That's just a screenshot. Me don't where it come from. If I'm taking care of my child so long, why would I want to put myself in such a situation? If that was the case, she could have come and gotten him," he asserted.

The 40-year-old Kid Kurupt explained that it is not the first time his babymother has accused him of abusing the child. He said that she called the police and the Child Development Agency (CDA) on him earlier this year.




"I went down to CDA and when everything was finished, the boss lady made an assessment and said, "Well, the child doesn't seem like he is being abused because the relationship you and him have seems to be unique,' and they let us out." he explained.

Kid Kurupt admitted to THE WEEKEND STAR that he has indeed prevented Devina Burn from contacting the child until she steps up to her role as a mother. He claims he has been forced to raise the child on his own, which he said is quite burdensome.

"Our thing was that we were going to grow this youth together because both of us were raised by single parents. That was the plan. Now, all of a sudden, she goes back to New York, and I'm seeing different movements. My son is calling and can't get her, all kinds of craziness."

"She will get to talk to him as long as she gets her act together and start acting like a mother ... by sending money and taking care of him, and calling and checking up on him," he said.

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