‘Elephant Man is a worthless dad’ …Alleged son launches music career without deejay’s help


September 20, 2016
Elephant Man
Ele Trunk

... Alleged son launches music career without deejay's help

Days after releasing a controversial song aimed at his supposed father, Elephant Man, young entertainer Ele Trunk is attempting to steer clear of the fuss he courted since the tune was leaked.

In the song, Ele Trunk labels Elephant Man as a sperm donor, and accuses the deejay of not taking care of his children.

Elephant Man, whose given name is O'Neil Bryan, has boasted of having more than 15 children.

When contacted last week about the song done by Ele Trunk, an irate Elephant Man refused to say whether he is indeed Ele Trunk's father. He also said that he did not wish to comment on the content of the song.

Ele Trunk, meanwhile, said he wants to focus on his own music instead of starting a war with the Pon Di River deejay.

"Those who don't know already, Elephant Man is my father. However, in my interviews, I want to speak less about him. He is a good artiste, and I want to make my music known as Ele Trunk and not Elephant Man's son," Ele Trunk said.

The young artiste said he has received some support where his music is concerned, and he has made up his mind to make it in the music industry with

or without Elephant Man's


"This is the first time I am doing a music campaign, and I already have a few links, including Bounty Killer," the 21-year-old said.

"I am doing my own thing and Elephant Man is doing his own thing. He is a great artiste and a great entertainer. I did not have a team to support my own music nor was I financially stable, but now I have the support of other family members so I am going all out to share my music with others," Ele Trunk said.

Financially, Ele Trunk said he gets help from one of his uncles, David, and his mother, Shauna.

Ele Trunk is currently working with young producer Dizzy of Longlife Music, and will release his debut record titled One.

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