Queen Kamarla returns after son's sickness


September 21, 2016
Contributed Queen Kamarla and her son while he was in hospital

Reggae artiste Queen Kamarla is getting a huge street buzz with her latest single, 'Hot Spot', which was recorded on a bouncy dancehall rhythm.

The song is produced by Catalyst Entertainment Group, and since its release last month, has been doing well, generating airplay on HITZ FM and SunCity Radio.

"The song is really picking up, and whenever it plays on the radio, my phone blows up. I am also getting great feedback internationally from Internet radio stations in New York and Connecticut, so I will be stepping up the promotion in the streets," she said.

She made a successful cameo at the Irie Jam Radio Labour Day show in Roy Wilkins park in New York over the summer, doing so well that she had several offers from promoters in the Tri-state area for shows in upcoming months.


She has an upcoming show at a club called Rumba Notes in Seattle next month. She has had a difficult couple of months, with her son getting sick and being hospitalised for pancreatitis.

"He has recovered well, thanks to the Cleveland Clinic and Bustamante Hospital for Children, he is back in school and recovered 100 per cent. I give all the thanks to God, you caan say God and don't say love. God is an action word, He makes all things possible," she said.

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, an abdominal gland behind the stomach. It prevents digestion and can lead to severe complications that can be life-threatening. Chronic pancreatitis can last for months or even several years.

Queen Kamarla organised a fund-raising concert to defray costs of the surgery, calling on many of her artiste friends for assistance.

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