Raine Seville pleased with US performances

September 28, 2016
Raine Seville

Reggae/dancehall artiste Raine Seville believes that her career is finally making a positive turn as she was booked for several events over the Labour Day weekend in the United States.

The singer made appearances at events like Philly Jerk Festival in Philadelphia, Washington, DC Summer Splash, Mingles Club in Bronx and Tarrus Riley & Friends in Connecticut.

The Mad Dem artiste also made appearances at several media outlets under the supervision of record label Island Jams. She told THE STAR that fans were excited to finally put a face behind her music.

"I also did some radio station runs like the 'Ragashanti Tambourine' radio show to promote new material. The overall reaction on the shows was good, some people who weren't necessarily familiar with my work gave a listening ear and became fans of my work after my performance. There are also those who have been following my career since 2009 and they were happy to see me in person. I gained a lot of fans from these gigs," she said.

Drawing inspiration from her experience overseas, the singjay has her sight set on pushing the envelope even further. "The experience has inspired me to work harder, do more recordings and be even more versatile in order to have a wider fan base. It has taught me how important exercising and keeping fit is because performing plus maintaining your vocals requires a lot of energy and control," she said.

Raine Seville is set to release new videos and singles in the coming weeks. "This year, I gave them strong vocals on tracks like Ghetto Paradise and a sultry street-energy vibe on tracks like Touch. Fans can further look out for tracks like Climax, which has an R&B element, as well as some more dancehall tracks for popular Jamaican producers," she said.

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