Matterhorn supports Donald Trump's wall

September 29, 2016
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
Tony Matterhorn
Tony Matterhorn

Iconic selector Tony Matterhorn says Donald Trump has a right to build a wall to block Mexicans if he feels they are a threat to America. According to the selector, while he is not a Trump supporter, he respects the US presidential candidate for his brutal honesty.

The selector urged Jamaicans to be objective as they attempt to analyse Donald Trump's policies, after all Jamaicans are known to build walls of their own.

"I would not vote for Trump, but I share some of his views though not all of them. If a man want to build a wall a fi him business, some Jamaicans are hypocrites because they love to build walls and separate themselves. Look at the uptowners how dem build walls to segregate people. Trump building a wall might be of a different magnitude because that is an entire country ... but when you look keenly, it's the same thing like when a man a protect him personal house," he said.

Trump's controversial immigration policies would mean tougher penalties for several countries, including Jamaica. However, according to Tony Matterhorn, the Republican candidate is only echoing the sentiments of many Americans whom have been silent over the years.

"If you make a real assessment of the situation, think intelligent. How would Donald Trump reach so far if he didn't have support from a lot of Americans? If you are building a house, you don't want a bag of dutty people a run inna yu yard. Because he is (believed to be) a racist when he says certain things it will come off the wrong way. But everybody who a complain in Jamaica they build walls to segregate. Jamaicans love build walls until who can't afford walls build zinc fence ... so how yu must tell the man that he can't build walls," he said.




Matterhorn further compared persons who support politicians to sheep, highlighting that they loved to be lied to. "I am a Pisces and I rather a person who tells me he does not like me straight up than one who tries to fool me. I don't like Trump, but I like that he will tell you straight up that he doesn't like you. It's the same with Damian Crawford, he was an honest politician and the PNP never like that so dem shub him out. The people are like women, they love to be lied to otherwise dem nah support yuh," Matterhorn said.

The selector also commented on Etana's recent Trump controversy, stating that the singer should have avoided showing her support for Donald Trump, especially since she had already sold herself to the public as a pro-black entertainer. The entertainer who also grew up in the United States said he would not be voting in their elections citing that he is 100 per cent Jamaican.

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