Ninja Man chides Shabba after he dissed journalist

October 26, 2016
Rexton "Shabba Ranks" Gordon receives the OD for his invaluable contribution to Jamaica Music locally and internationally
Ninja Man


Dancehall veteran Ninja Man has issued a warning to fellow entertainer Shabba Ranks to respect the media and most importantly his freshly awarded Order of Distinction (OD).

Ninja Man's advice comes after Shabba Ranks got aggressive during a recent interview when asked about the bad vibes being shared between both deejays.

Shabba, in a recent interview with TVJ's Entertainment Report, was asked to comment on the squabble between himself and Ninja Man. The deejay shoved the microphone from in front of his face and hurled expletives at the reporter.

"Tek the mic outta me face," he said as he pushed it away.

"Ask me bout music and don't ask me bout f**kery. Go ask him wah a di issue with him, yuh nuh see how me a live mi life."

He then went on to address the issue, stating that he doesn't badmind or hate anyone.

Ninja Man told THE STAR that he was disappointed in Shabba Ranks for how he handled the interview.

"You let me down, yute. No matter wah you and no deejay have, nuh matter weh you and nobody have, don't take that out on the press," Ninja Man said.


more disappointing


"Do not disrespect the press because of any question weh dem ask because is not like you don't know say dem a go ask. You supposed to prepare yourself fi the questions dem so that a di thing weh hurt me most of all."

Ninja Man said Shabba Rank's actions were even more disappointing given the highlight he had just received.

Shabba Ranks, whose given name is Rexton Gordon, was recently conferred the Order of Distinction for his contribution to the Jamaican Music Industry.

The Order of Distinction is conferred upon any citizen of Jamaica who renders outstanding and important services to Jamaica.




Ninja Man said that Shabba Ranks did a disservice to the national honour when he took the low road in the recent interview.

"You know how it look the morning after people see that interview. Nuff people a go ask 'Den a di man that weh dem give the award? Look at how him a deal with the people. That was an important moment in your life. You come fi your award, yuh nuh supposed to come with no foolishness pan your mind. You were recognised by the Governor General, and given an award weh nuff reggae artiste don't get, so deal wid the thing good."

He then went on to say that the Order of Distinction award should be a reminder to Shabba Ranks of how many persons are looking up to him, and therefore should be setting a good example for them to follow.

"You claim say you a di emperor fi dancehall and you need fi set an example."

"Mi glorify Shabba's award because it mean one more youth from the ghetto rise and reach inna Heroes Circle. Every man deserve weh dem get because dem work fi it. Mi proud because this is the beginning of the recognition of dancehall," said Ninja Man.

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