No-Maddz denies copying 'Breadfruit'

October 28, 2016
File No-Maddz

Popular reggae band No-Maddz has vehemently denied copying the Breadfruit slang from fellow entertainer Chi Ching Ching.

The recent release of their thought-provoking single, Breadfruit and Banana, has raised eyebrows with social media users questioning who coined the concept first.

But group member and award-winning actor Sheldon Shepherd said their exploration of the breadfruit concept is not an attempt to ride the hype from previous hits that were spawned from the slang.

"The mission started in 2012 at the America Black Film Festival in Miami, Florida, where in my award acceptance speech I had said, 'Breadfruit is the new bread baby'," he said.

Ironically, Breadfruit and Banana is also a dance song that promotes couples and group dancing. Chi Ching Ching's effort is also a dance.

This is not the first time that breadfruit has sparked controversy in the entertainment industry. Earlier this year, deejay Quick Cook had accused Chi Ching Ching of 'shaving' (copying) of his slang, Bread.

Shepherd said No-Maddz is not perturbed by the controversy since their song carries a deeper subliminal message.

"Breadfruit and Banana is about integration, coming together as a result of our differences. Knowing that it's our differences that complement our union like a puzzle ... . We can talk to each other, listen, process and maybe respond. We can play sports together, we can sing together and a personal favorite of mine, dancing, we can dance together..." he said.

Chi Ching Ching told THE WEEKEND STAR that he did not hear about the issue and wished not to comment.

"Mi nuh wah talk about that ... I do not wish to comment," he said.

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