Outrage as woman teaches child 'Bruk Back'

November 03, 2016
Razor B

A video of a woman teaching a child to do the popular Bruk Back dance has gone viral and has been causing a social media firestorm since it first surfaced last weekend.

The child is dressed only in her underwear. The woman identifies herself as the child's grandmother.

"Me and mi granddaughter a video a do bruk back yea," the woman is heard saying before she proceeds to gyrate to the song playing in the background with the child mimicking her every move. The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times on Facebook and has been the subject of a very heated discussion among social media users. Some blasted the woman.

"Dam nastiness! She nuh have nothing bout har," another commented. "The first time I saw this video I was so upset! This is what she has to teach this child?" the post continued. Some, however, defended the video.

"What's bad about this? Just the other day a mom and her daughter in America went viral for dancing is the mom a bad role model?" one user posted. "Please people, Caribbean culture is different and sooner y'all stop casting stones and understand it would be better," it continued. Razor B, the artiste whose song is in the video, told THE STAR he is aware of the video and very disappointed by it.

"I am against the video, worse the child is only wearing her underwear. As adults we have to be more careful of what we show our younger generation," he said. "My songs seem to make people go to the extreme. With Hot Up, girls were lighting their vaginas and now with Bruk Back you have boys dancing to it and now a grandmother teaching a child to bruk back, what's next?" He urged his fans not to go to the extreme when dancing to his songs as he only intends for them to be entertaining.

"I do music for people to have fun," he said. Responding in an email to questions from THE STAR, the Child Development Agency (CDA) reminded parents of their legal responsibility to ensure children are protected.

"The fact that the child is only clad in underwear puts the child at risk for potential paedophiles to prey upon her," said the agency. The CDA said it had received frequent reports about similar videos "and we are appealing to persons to desist from teaching children these outlandish dance moves, recording them and posting on social media".

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