Selector narrowly escapes plane crash ...says he helped to save surviving occupant

November 11, 2016
Hotta Rice
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer The small plane which crashed in Greenwich Town yesterday.
Firefighters carrying out cooling-down operations on the plane and crash site.

Plane crashes in selector's yard

... says he helped to save surviving occupant

Popular selector Hotta Rice is today counting his blessings having narrowly escaped death after a plane crashed in his backyard yesterday afternoon.

The selector, who resides in Greenwhich Town, said he was inside his house when the incident happened.

"Me inside a my house and mi hear 'boom', but I thought it was thunder. When mi open mi window, mi see everybody a run come towards my house," he said.

"Everybody come a mi door and a call me now. Mi open mi door and come out, come see the plane a my back door."

Though he was shocked, the selector said he had to quickly get over the surprise, as there was one occupant inside the plane that was alive and needed help.

"Everybody get panic and nervous, enuh. Mi a look and a seh a wonder if it a go explode," he said.

"Then when sense kick in, we seh all right, we a go try help somebody yah now. And we start get water and throw pan di plane fi try out the fire."


THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt that the incident happened shortly after the aircraft carrying an instructor and two students from the Caribbean Aviation Training Centre took off sometime after 1 p.m. Two persons were killed.

A probe has since been launched into the incident by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Up to press time, the third occupant from the aircraft who was taken to hospital remains in critical condition.

The selector said by that time scores of residents from the community had gathered in his yard, some offering assistance, while others captured the moments of what many are now calling a 'freak accident' on camera.

"It was just one of those things weh yuh never expect fi see," he said, explaining that several people were scared to touch the aircraft as it was on fire, opting instead to record it.

"The whole video thing is a worldwide problem. Nowadays, the earth change. Yuh see if you a dead, people a video you first."

But he said that even if everyone had been helping, there was nothing they could have done to save the other two persons.

"When the crowd come down, everything done happen already. A just the youth inna di back alone did a move. Everybody did scared man, so you see all who did a help, a just brave dem brave," he said.

The scary ordeal has left the selector thanking God that he was not injured, and there was no one in the backyard at the time of the incident.

"It was very close, enuh, so mi just thankful. Mi sorry seh the youth dem affi lose dem life because dem look like two young youth yuh know weh nuh live nuh life yet."

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