'Most Jamaican artistes are impatient' - Joe Bogdanovich defends record label after Nature leaves

November 12, 2016
Joe Bogdanovich
Joe Bogdanovich

CEO of Downsound Records, Josef Bogdanovich, has come out in defence of his record label after another artiste made his exit from the company.

Reggae artiste Nature is the latest entertainer to part ways with the Bogdanovich-led company, citing neglect as one of the main reasons behind his decision.

“I made a personal decision to leave based on certain situations that I just couldn't deal with anymore,” he said.

“The company was very distracted with other things, and as a result of that I don’t think I was getting enough attention as an artiste. I was uncomfortable with certain things that took place over the years.”

In light of this latest development, Bogdanovich told THE STAR that the problems arising between the entertainers and the management stem from the entertainers’ inability to ‘wait their turn.’

“Most Jamaican artistes are impatient and have no respect for the time and financial resources expended by music producers, managers and record labels in career development,” he explained.

“They want to get rich quick and to become international stars overnight.”

He added that Nature’s split from the company was not the company's decision, as the entertainer had four more years on his contract.

“His latest contract was signed in 2015 for five years, so he has four more years to go. There has been no mutual agreement between the artiste and Downsound to prematurely terminate the contract. The artiste has unilaterally decided to opt out of his exclusive contract with Downsound Records prior to its expiration.”

Bogdanovich revealed that the company will be taking legal action against the artiste for breach of contract.

“Downsound has expended millions of dollars to date in the development and promotion of Nature's musical career and we will take all necessary legal steps to recover our investment.”

Ninja Man, Ishawna and Specialist are just a few of the entertainers to part ways with the company in recent times.

Based on the high turnover rate at the company, Bogdanovich told THE STAR that he will be vetting artistes more thoroughly in the future before signing them.

“Downsound as an entertainment company has diversified its operations and will continue to expand,” he said. “We will continue to look for and sign talented artists, but our vetting process will be looked into and adjustments made where necessary.”

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