Savage defends bleaching ... Says he can teach the art of skin lightening

November 16, 2016

Dancehall artiste Savage has again come out defending his skin bleaching after being bashed on social media after her took the mannequin challenge.

The mannequin challenge is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen in action while a video is recorded. The latest Internet craze has been sweeping across the island in the past few weeks with many persons including several entertainers attempting the challenge.

In his version of the mannequin challenge, Savage and some other men are seen frozen as they apply skin whitening cream to various parts of their bodies.

Some persons endorsed the video, praising the artiste for his innovative spin on the challenge. However, others expressed disappointment at the entertainer for promoting skin bleaching.

"This is an absolute shame. Black people rise," one user posted.

"They should call this one right here the corpse challenge because they look dead with all that bleaching," another commented.

Unfazed by the negative comments, Savage told THE STAR that he is a proud 'bleacher' and does not care what people think about him.

"People have the right to their opinions. It's my image and it makes money and gives me lots of fans," he said.

"The video accomplished what it set out to do because so many people are talking about whether the comments are good or bad."

His image and his blatant support of skin bleaching has led many to compare the Culu Culu singer to Vybz Kartel. Some have even gone as far as to label Savage as a Vybz Kartel wanna-be, but instead of feeling insulted by the name calling, the deejay told THE STAR that he is OK with it.

"Everybody affi follow somebody, enuh. Bleaching and tattooing are before me and Vybz Kartel. Vybz Kartel did a try patternise Lil Wayne," he said.

"Me a bleach long time from me a go a school still but it was an on-and-off thing. Mi wouldn't seh me a follow Vybz Kartel, but Vybz Kartel a di first man from dancehall weh run wid di image so if me come after him it a go look like me a follow him."

Some social media users were concerned at how light skinned the entertainer was, urging him to be careful as skin bleaching could have adverse effects on his skin in the future.

The entertainer, while being appreciative of the concern, said that there is no need for people to worry because he has the skin-bleaching process all figured out.

"I do it right so it doesn't mess up my skin," he said. "I'm willing to even have a class on skin bleaching."

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