'Not my fault' ... Double X says his comments didn't affect Kartel's transfer

November 17, 2016
Double X
Vybz Kartel


Dancehall artiste Double X, formerly known as Flexx from T.O.K, is adamant that Vybz Kartel's transfer from the Horizon Remand Centre to the Tower Street Adult Correctional Facility has nothing to do with statements he made in a recent television interview.

"I want persons to go back and listen to the interview clearly because there are a lot of blogs and YouTube pages that edited the interview to make it look like I said one thing because they are all about getting the most likes and the most subscribers without thinking about what it might do to the person in the video," he said "First of all, let me say that I was not saying Vybz Kartel was recording in prison. I was talking mostly about selectors and the fact that they only play songs from a specific set of artistes, while there are other artistes out there who aren't getting any airplay." Double X also revealed that he has already asked persons to look into the sources of the edited videos as he is contemplating legal action. Some believe it was his statements that triggered an investigation into Kartel and the issue of recording from prison, but he thinks it's just bad timing.

"If you listen to the songs being released by Vybz Kartel even during the whole clash thing with Mavado, you will see that something was up and I have heard that investigations were being carried out from then," he explained. "It's just unfortunate that it's right after the interview that this whole thing has blown up in the public." He said he is not surprised he has been receiving several threats but expressed no fear.


Police protection


"I am not even thinking about that right now because Father God a God and a him run things," he said. "I just want people to know what I really said in the interview because I know what I said and I know what I meant." The STAR asked if he would object to police protection. He said that he would cross that bridge if and when he gets there. However, while stating the police take threats very seriously, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the Constabulary Communications Unit, told THE STAR that the police would not just offer protection because of social media posts.

"If the entertainer comes forward and makes a report that he feels threatened, then we would investigate and take things from there," she said. "We have a process so when the report is made and we do our assessments, we would determine what we do."

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