Sean Paul not in tune with dancehall - Marvin the Beast bashes deejay for criticising 'daggering'

November 24, 2016
Dancer Marvin The Beast
Sean Paul

Dancer Marvin the Beast has clapped back at Grammy-winning artiste Sean Paul for statements made about him in a recent interview.

Sean Paul suggested that the 'daggering' phenomenon doesn't exist in Jamaica anymore and is only being kept alive through the antics of Marvin the Beast.

"It's a part of our culture that came and went, actually. Daggering is not so much done anymore. They kinda made it illegal," Sean Paul said in the interview. "There's still a kid going around doing these things, and he's kinda famous now. He says it's entertaining, but I don't know if he's entertaining himself or he thinks he's entertaining me, but I'm not entertained."

However, the dancer did not take kindly to Sean Paul's comments, insisting that despite his extreme dancing, he is in high demand.




Shutting down Sean Paul's assertions, Marvin said he was disappointed in the statements made by the entertainer. However, he said he was not surprised as the deejay is not in tune with what is happening in the dance hall.

"Weh him a seh not even true because dancehall a dancehall, and dancers always a dagger," he said.

"Sean Paul nuh know nothing. People respect Sean Paul in America more than in Jamaica. And mi nah bash him because mi respect him as an artiste same way, but him nuh really know wah gwaan."

Marvin added that although some persons, including Sean Paul, might see his way of dancing as dangerous and not entertaining, he is being booked to carry out the acts being frowned upon.

"Nobody don't even wah see me do normal dancing. People come out to see me act a certain way, and every show weh mi do sold out," he said.

"One time, dancers use to get booking, but dancers not getting booked anymore. Mi a di only dancer weh every weekend, mi deh pan a flight all over the world. I'm not even dancing extreme anymore."




When asked if he felt disrespected by the entertainer's comments, Marvin said: "Everybody has their opinion, so if he thinks that's not entertaining to him, that's his view. I'm getting booked for this, and this is what people want to see from me."

Marvin also said that his brand is blowing up, and he hopes that instead of being bashed, the entertainment fraternity will stand behind his image.

"As an entertainer, if you have a problem with somebody, why you can't just get in contact with the person and say as a entertainer to a next entertainer, 'Mi nuh like dis or dat, so just fix up yuh ting a better way?'," he said.

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