Sean Paul under fire for oral sex comments

November 24, 2016
Sean Paul
Sean Paul


Grammy-winning artiste Sean Paul has come under heavy fire from social media users following statements he made regarding oral sex in a recent interview.

Speaking on the American radio show, 'The Breakfast Club', on Monday, the Get Busy singer admitted to performing oral sex when asked by host Charlamagne Tha God. "We gotta prove you're Jamaican, do you eat p** p**," Charlamagne asked.

Sean Paul responded saying, "yes I eat p** p**, but... but I..." he said. Following a brief interruption, he continued, "That is a rumour that I eat p** p**. Is just funny the way yuh say it."


Blast him


He later backtracked on his previous statements. "No, mi nuh eat nuh p** p** sah. It don't have a wrapper, yuh know. Yuh haffi pull off the wrapper and make sure that yuh affi be fresh," he said.

The Gimme The Light deejay tried to make a comeback, but the damage was already done as social media users had already begun to blast him for admitting to performing oral sex.

"Dawg, yuh done seh yuh eat it? Stop go round the thing dada. If yuh ask Killa or any other artiste, dem a answer dat fass fass wid a NO," one user commented.

"Yuh nyam it. Stop tell lie," another posted.

When contacted, a representative from Sean Paul's booking agency, Headline Entertainment, said they were unaware of the video and would need to carry out investigations before releasing a statement. THE STAR was promised a call back as soon as the agency was up to speed on the issue, but up to press time, calls to that representative went unanswered.

While there were many who blasted the singer for a sexual act that is still considered taboo in Jamaica, there were several persons who came to the deejay's defence, stating that what he does in the privacy of his home with his wife is none of the public's business.

"So what if he does? Why is it the world's business what he does to please his partner? Most man do it anyway, get over it," one user posted.

Another user commented saying, "So what if Sean Paul eat p****? Him married to him gud gud wife."

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