STAR exposes young artistes : Ninja Man

November 24, 2016
Ninja Man
Ninja Man
Old skool Ninja Man
Ninja Man performs at Sting in 2004.
Ninja Man

Today marks 65 years since THE STAR was first published.

As we reflect on some of the tabloid's most iconic moments, several entertainers and other key industry players have joined in the celebrations.

By highlighting how much THE STAR has done for their careers and the development of the music industry on a whole, the fraternity has come out to wish THE STAR every future success.

Ninja Man, deejay: THE STAR is like the country; so the country rise a so THE STAR rise.

In the days when we young and inna the music thing, THE STAR and the Gleaner was one of the most important weapons for a young artiste because inna dem days deh yuh use to have some writers like Dr Howard McGowan and some more journalist who when you go to a stage show if you go deh and bruck a fight and mash up the show, when dem journalists deh done write bout you yuh never go to another stage show and do nothing bad again.

We use to war fi come pan di front page a di STAR and the front page a di Gleaner because when you come pan the front page or you get the centre spread it was a big deal.

If you perform at a show and there were a lot of people who never get to come to the show and THE STAR write bout the show it was something that use to draw people to you because dem say the way how STAR write dis yah article dem affi see you a di next show.

Star is one of the biggest promotional weapons for a dancehall artiste and Jamaican people on a whole. It is the longest reigning entertainment paper; a lot of paper come and gone and THE STAR still standing here.

Thumbs up to the Gleaner Company and THE STAR. THE STAR broadcast all star and without the STAR there would be no superstar so from one star to another STAR bless up all who say STAR.

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