Chris Brown posts Masicka's songs ... sends traffic to deejay's social media pages

November 25, 2016
Chris Brown

Dancehall artiste Masicka has gained a new set of fans after international hip-hop artiste Chris Brown posted a comic strip on his official Instagram page using the artiste's song, 'Buss The Cylinder'.

"We get whole heap more followers you know because a 33 million followers him (Brown) have, so from him post that, then automatically you get the followers," he said. "Anybody woulda feel good, you know wah me mean because at the end of the day a Chris Brown dat, and it's not just good for me, but for the dancehall also."

The post which has been making the rounds on Instagram since Tuesday, has already been viewed more than a million times on Brown's page and has sent many persons searching for the voice on the track.

Grateful for the attention, Masicka told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is not surprised that his music has reached the level it has, but he is a bit stunned that a celebrity of Brown's stature would be paying attention to his music.

"Well yuh done know the music go different places as far as Africa and Europe, so we had an idea (of the reach), but to see somebody of Chris Brown's calibre, the superstar that he is, and the impact that he has on the American market and the American industry, is a good look," he said.

The self-proclaimed 'young genna' is hoping that with the new attention, he'll begin to make the crossover many have expected since he first burst on to the music scene.

"We have a song fi release wid Busta Rhymes, innu, shortly ... and a whole heap a likkle international collabs a come up, so the fans dem can look out fi anything man," he said.

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