Semojrah Naki gets dream collab with Sizzla

December 05, 2016
Contributed Semojrah Naki

For years, Semojrah Naki has waited to work with Sizzla Kalonji, and that dream has finally been realised with a collaboration between the two.

The duo teamed up on the track entitled Jah Will Never Let Us Down that they believe will strengthen and empower people, bringing a sense of purpose and dignity to the younger generation.

The collaboration came together while the Canada-based artiste made a trip to Jamaica. The song had already been voiced and was awaiting Sizzla's fiery and fearless zest.

Inspired by the production, Sizzla wasted no time doing his part, later describing the song as "a big collaboration".

This year has been rewarding for Semojrah, with the release of several singles including Warrior's Don't Cry, Teach The Youths, Rastaman She Wants and Life Struggles featuring Most Mighty.

epic album

Ready to take his place in the reggae industry, Semojrah is currently working on his first EP that is scheduled to be released sometime in January. In his own words, Semojrah believes "this will be an epic album".

Is Royal Records, the label behind the production, along with the team, Axe Perry, Roger B, Chenoch, and Dada Supreme, worked hard to complete the project.

"Semojrah is here to chant for his people, and for righteousness sake" Semojrah said. "I sincerely would love to thank all the beautiful people of the world that have been continuously supporting the journey and we're getting there."

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