Agent Sasco disappointed about not making Grammy list

December 08, 2016
Agent Sasco


Since the nominees for the 2017 Grammy Awards in the Best Reggae Album category were released, the list has stirred up conversation among reggae fans.

While some are happy to see the inclusion of young entertainers, others are furious that some names they were expecting did not make the final cut, particularly Agent Sasco.

Fans of the artiste took to social media to express their disappointment. They dubbed it a snub by the Grammy voting committee, as they believe Sasco's album Theory of Reggaetivity was one of the best albums by an artiste this year.

"With the exception of Raging Fyah, I'm disappointed ... you deserved a nomination," one user posted. "Theory of Reggaetivity is an amazing album. Mi never know Sasco coulda gi we dem kinda reggae deh. Sigh."


Great work


"Big up the nominees, yes. Theory of Reggaetivity is still worthy of acclaim, and despite the 'snub' it will go down as a jewel in your catalogue. Keep up the great work, Sasco, it is appreciated," another commented.

A humble Agent Sasco told THE STAR that though disappointed, he had no ill feelings toward the selection committee.

"I would have loved to secure a nomination. I mean, it's the Grammys; who wouldn't want that?" he said.

"At the same time, I also understand the voting process. I understand 100 per cent that it's the votes that decide and the committee has spoken."

Sasco offered congratulations to the nominees, especially Raging Fyah who worked on the song Stronger that is a part of his album.

He also thanked his fans for acknowledging his work and thinking it was Grammy worthy.

"I appreciate people voicing their opinions about the album, and I'm glad they loved the production. Thank you for the support. The committee has made their decision and we have to accept it," he said, promising to continue the hard work.

Things were different for the entertainer at last year's Grammy Awards. Sasco's presence was felt inside the Staples Arena in Los Angeles when rapper Kendrick Lamar, the biggest act at the show (with 11 nominations), performed his politically charged hit single The Blacker The Berry, which featured Agent Sasco.

When video clips of Lamar's performance got out, adoring fans heaped praises on to Sasco for landing such a huge collaboration, and for representing Jamaica's culture on such a huge platform.

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