Rejected party promoters may get second chance

December 09, 2016
Patrons light it up at a recent party in the Corporate Area.
Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay


Promoters whose events were denied permits by the police because they were in volatile areas, may be able to reapply.

Early last month, a story published in The Gleaner stated that there would be no permit granted to host events in areas deemed volatile.

Head of the police's corporate communications unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, explained that is still the case as the police have to put the safety of citizens first.

She noted, however, that if there are positive changes made in these areas as far as violence is concerned, persons denied permits may have the chance to reapply.

"Now is a good point for persons who have made early applications for permits to check back in touch with their division because an application is not an automatic guarantee. So if the situation changes (for better or worse) the police may want to take another look at it," she explained.

Lindsay said persons can go back to the commanding officer for the parish and if the police are satisfied that based on the current situation, a permit can be granted, then the person will be so advised to re-apply.


Clamping down


Earlier this week, the police urged party promoters to secure permits for events to be held over the festive season.

Lindsay said law enforcers will be clamping down heavily on promoters this season and will be prosecuting those who do not have a permit to host events.

She reminded promoters need to apply at least 10 days before the event.

"You need to provide the officer with accurate information about the type of event, who your target audience is, the number of people expected to be in attendance and the security measures you will have in place," she said.

Lindsay also said promoters need permits from The Jamaica Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Jamaica Music Society and in some cases the fire department.

Lindsay used the opportunity to encourage citizens to exercise caution over the Christmas season.

"If you're planning to attend an event make sure you know how you're getting there and how you're getting back home. This time of year there are a lot of accidents as a result of drinking and driving so if you're going out and you intend to drink, don't drive."

She also encouraged persons to travel in groups and to make sure their location is established at all times.

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