Twerking schoolgirls upset Kalado's fans

December 14, 2016

Disappointment and disgust are the reactions of viewers who have seen a video circulating the Internet of a group of girls in school uniform twerking to Kalado’s song 'Boo Boo Wine' while another spewed expletives in excitement.

The video which lasted for 59 seconds also caught the attention of Kalado who gave more notoriety to the footage by posting it on his Instagram page which has over 30,000 followers.

The students could be seen lifting their uniform to their knees with their backs fully arched, as they twerked to cheering onlookers.

Following the post, Kalado’s page was flocked by viewers who either supported or bashed the students. Some criticised Kalado for re-posting the video.

“Who ever practise for concert at school or talent show? Some a unno on here coming and bashing the artiste but unno same one is doing the worst behind close door it's just because it has not come to light as yet. So when you are coming on here to be hypocritical talk about yourself before you talk about anyone. Yes they are cursing what you want him to do about that pull them through the video spank them?” one viewer wrote in defence of Kalado.

Another viewer urged others to view the video in proper context before letting the girls off the hook.

“Listen to the song…wey morals gone? Wey self-esteem dey? Them nuh see nothing wrong with the video. I would slap the black off my daughter. Have some respect for your school and yourself in your uniform and out of your uniform. Yow a so mi see it, if you see it different a just so it go. You are who you are”.

Another viewer called for some form of punishment saying "there is a time and a place for a student you must respect your uniform”. 

Kalado told The STAR that he is neither supporting nor bashing the students.

“I am not encouraging it but I can understand it being the end of the school season and they are in an unruly and happy mood. When you are young and in the company of your friends whatever goes and I was like that growing up as well," he said.

"I don’t think it was disrespectful since they were not doing it in the presence of teachers and adults…it was their private space most students carry on bad in their own circle then once they get home they behave innocent. It's just one of those things,” he added.

Kalado also said aside from the expletives, he was not bothered by the video once the girls were not exposing themselves.

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