Parka 'Jubilant' with EP release

December 21, 2016
Rasbert Turner photo Ricardo Parker aka Parka Jubilant

St Catherine-based entertainer Ricardo Parker said he has strengthened his claim on the industry with the release of his EP titled 'Heart Mind and Soul'.

The former McGrath High student, who goes by the stage name Parka Jubilant, said he thinks his efforts in the industry are now bearing precious returns.

"I have been trying since high school days to make my mark, as in class I would knock the desks and sing many songs to entertain fellow students. This recording has shown me that I have come of age musically and it is a wonderful feeling," he said.

He told THE STAR that he launched his professional career eight years ago and that he has been performing and doing various projects throughout the island.

Parka Jubilant said that each performance teaches him the business aspect of the industry.

"Entertainment is far more than performing and making persons happy. The business aspect is far more serious, that is where the competition for space comes in. One has to be strong to survive," Parka Jubilant said.

He said all the material on the track is written by him and derived from his various experiences.

"There are five songs on the track and they are a mirror to the trek that I have made in my life, and now that I am getting some rotation on the radio from these efforts, this means that I am having the upward movement that I have been seeking in my musical career, and I am thankful for that," he said.

He said his aim is to continue doing positive music that can benefit all who come in touch with his art.

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