Kalado accused of joining the Illuminati

December 28, 2016

Dancehall artiste Kalado is once again the face of controversy, this as some of his fans have accused the artiste of being a member of the mysterious Illuminati secret society.

According to the deejay, the backlash is a result of the dark concept he employed for his new music video titled Money Comes Evil.

The controversial video shows the deejay appearing to bury himself in a shallow grave which he dug by himself.

The deejay told The STAR that the concept is deep, however, as is customary, people fear what they do not understand.

"I am guessing that some people misunderstand the video. People have been messaging my phone asking if I am alright and telling me not to sell mi soul to Illuminati ... mi haffi just laugh because how can a person sell dem soul? Does the Illuminati even exist? A must joke this," he said.

conspiracy theorists

The deejay also pointed to pop star Beyonce, citing that her creativity sometimes raises eyebrows.

"Beyonce has this video where she is stepping out of a flaming car and people have it fi sey the real Beyonce died and it was an Illuminati thing. But mi nuh follow conspiracy theorists ... if dem did correct God would a come from year 2000 when dem sey suh," he said.

I am not going to explain the video because I want my fans to figure it out themselves. But for those who might be naive and believe everything they hear, I am a musician and not a vendor, so I could not be selling my soul or nothing else but my music," he said.

The artiste is currently riding high with a slew of new hit records like Boo Boo Wine, Sex Slave, Respect Pon Mi Name and Bounce.

"I am just doing some real music right now, and the fans love it. Looking for bigger and better things in 2017 and I feel comfortable going into the new year," he told THE STAR.

Vybz Kartel received a similar backlash prior to his incarceration after he revealed a tattoo which showed an eye inked into the centre of a pyramid on is body.

Many believe such an image to be a symbol of the Illuminati.

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