Raytid leaves Demarco's camp...cites neglect as cause

December 28, 2016
Demarco *** Local Caption *** Demarco

n Cites neglect as cause

Dancehall artiste Raytid has left Demarco's label TGE Records, citing that he has grown tired of being ignored.

According to the artiste, he was promised a recording contract by the label; however, despite several discussions with management, he was not handed the papers, even after dedicating two years to the imprint.

"Nothing never did a go down for my career from mi get the big song Bla Daff. Mi do other songs and dem nah go nowhere because there was no focus on my music. It's like I wasn't getting no promotion after a while ... they have PR and manager, but they only do work for one set of people," he said.

Raytid said he made attempts to use his own limited resources to promote his work, but he could do so much and no more.

"It's not like sey mi nuh try, mi a hard-working artiste, but if you don't have good representation, nothing nah happen for yuh," he said.

The deejay also disclosed at least one occasion when he was blatantly ignored by the label.

"I record a song name My Day for TJ Records and he said it was a hit-worthy song. I took the time and record dubplates for all the radio DJs and gave it to the road manager at TGE Records, and all now dem nuh send off. So it's things like that, so I have to make a move for the betterment of my career," he said.

"There is no animosity towards TGE, and I just want to say that Demarco is a good youth; him mek mi guh a foreign and tour wid him, but I wanted to develop my brand, and that wasn't taking place," he said.

Raytid has since signed a record deal with Building Block Records. He is finally happy, having suffered from depression while with TGE.

Attempts to get a comment from Demarco proved futile. A source at the label told THE STAR that the Puppy Tail deejay was scaling down production and would be moving to the US to be with his wife.

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