Alkaline's fans bash Beenie Man

January 05, 2017
Beenie Man

Fans of dancehall artiste Alkaline have launched a vicious social media attack on the 'King of the Dancehall' Beenie Man, following comments he made about the entertainer recently.

During a recent stage show performance, Beenie Man told fans that Alkaline had stated that he was "done with dutty Jamaica".

"Mi just want you to know a dat him say outta him mouth, and unuh same one a say 'whoi'. Mi just want unuh know. People, mi a one of the dutty Jamaican who like come a Jamaica fi perform fi the dutty people dem," Beenie Man said to screaming fans.

Having got word of Beenie Man's statements, Alkaline blasted him in a post on social media.

"Big p.... Beenie Man. Me know yuh? How yuh so lie," the post said. Alkaline then instructed his followers to tag the Beenie Man in their comments to make him aware of his response.

Social media users did just that, and within an hour the post received more than 600 comments, with fans lashing out at Beenie for starting an unwarranted feud between himself and Alkaline.

old artistes

"Beenie just a look a forward. Him always a fight di yute dem and neva buss a soul," one user commented.

"He's just mad that his career is over and you're doing well. I don't know why these old artistes nuh guh sit and mek the youth dem rise," another posted.

While some users called out Beenie Man for being 'badmind', others directed threats at him, warning the artiste to avoid any further confrontation.

"Beenie yuh a f... round with yuh life. Yuh wi dead youth. Why yuh go trouble weh nuh trouble you," one user posted.

Seemingly unbothered by the comments, Beenie Man took to Instagram yesterday afternoon to respond to Alkaline.

"Mi glad how di artiste hear me. A two years now di fans a support him music and cyaa see him. I only hope him do some show now fi spite me and please him fans. Since a deh so di ting reach. Mi please my fans and fi dem pickney fi decades now. Pay my dues and show my respect to the music, musicians, deejays, promoters, patrons, and sound system," he said.

similar comments

"Music is a service to the fans, not a hype ting. Many artiste come and go, and me still deh yah. Unnu tek music fi game? #InstagramBadman ting a nuh my style. Him a tek up Matterhorn style fi war pon Instagram?"

Beenie Man then went on to state that he has done a number of local shows in December, including Stone Love Anniversary, GT Taylor Extravaganza, Chug It, Fireworks on the Waterfront, and Trailer Load Wednesdays.

"Me tired and RE-tired! Tell di man seh me deh pon vacation yah man. Mi a tek a break so me can come back come work fi mi fans dem. Tag him," Beenie Man added.

Though the issue has been causing quite a stir on social media, with Beenie Man being bashed for calling out the 'Vendetta Boss', this is not the first time similar comments have been made within the music fraternity regarding Alkaline's lack of support for the local industry.

Arguably one of the most popular artistes in Jamaica today, it has been a common view among several industry insiders in recent times that Alkaline has been deliberately avoiding performing at local events by charging exorbitant appearance fees.

When asked to address the latter, the artiste's manager, Kereena Beckford, said the entertainer has already addressed those issues, stating that all those claims were lies.

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