Vershon, babymother clash over child

January 17, 2017

A custody battle is now brewing between dancehall artiste Vershon and the mother of his child, who secured a court date yesterday after the entertainer drove off with their son from her home on Saturday.

The one-year-old child will remain with his father if the artiste has his way, as he told THE STAR that he will not return the child unless the court gives that order.

However, Kadian Maragh, the child's 25-year-old mother, says she will have to wait a few months before she can be reunited with her son, as the court will hear her case later this year.

"He asked me for the baby two days before Christmas. I told him that the baby is sick and he can't come to see him until he is better. I didn't speak to him on WhatsApp. Him block mi, so I have to speak to his cousin in Florida whenever I want to speak to him," she said.


Two months


"I went away to work for two months, and I leave the baby with him and his mother. He cannot keep the baby. I used to live with him. He is always on tour or has shows, so I leave the baby with his mother."

Maragh told THE STAR that Vershon came to her house on Saturday and demanded to see the baby.

"I take care of my child from my child is born. When he is on tour, when he is on shows, and all over the place, I take of my baby. I only left my baby for two months to make my money," she said.

She told THE STAR that during the dialogue, the artiste drove off with the child allegedly with the doors open.

Maragh said, "He had the baby in his lap, so he actually put my baby in danger, and that is what I am upset about. I am not trying to keep his child away from him, but I am upset about the way he goes about it knowing that the child is sick."

She told THE STAR that she made a report at the Duhaney Park Police Station, but she feels the matter was dealt with unfairly.


Seeing my son


"They didn't want to hear anything from me. All I am asking is for prayers because I won't be seeing my son until that time (court day). It's very pressuring. When I look around the house, I just break down when I see his toys or his crib," she said.

THE STAR contacted Vershon, real name Adrian Brown, who insisted he did not kidnap the child.

"She tell people say I kidnap the child. It's not kidnap. We both have rights to the child. She reported me to the police. The police asked me to come in, and when I went in they said they couldn't take the child from me. It's a matter for the court to decide. I won't give her back the baby until the court says I am to give her back the child," he said.

Vershon said although there is no relationship with the child's mother, things turned sour after she refused to allow him to see the baby two days each week.

Vershon is known for hit songs such as Inna Real Life, Mercy Of God, Heart Too Clean, and Tie Mi.

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