Chronixx denies being in car crash

January 20, 2017

Reggae artiste Chronixx has responded to news that he was involved in a car accident.

This comes after several websites claimed that the entertainer was involved in a car crash over the weekend and had to be hospitalised as a result of injuries he sustained.

The stories claimed that the singer was returning home from a dub session with friends when he lost control of his BMW motor car in the vicinity of Half-Way Tree. The writers also claimed to have spoken to the Half-Way Tree police, who said they were investigating the accident.

But in a lengthy post to his official Instagram page, the entertainer denied the stories, and lashed out at the sources for spreading fabricated news.

"I don't know where the accident story came from, but I have an overstanding as to why my friends here in Jamaica catch on to it with such deep belief," he wrote. "It is because we are so used to misinformation and have been fed misleading stories from the highest levels of our media since emancipation ... to the point that we are now unable to tell lie form truth. Mi neva crash nor inna no accident, LOL. I don't own a BMW, and I don't drive home from dub sessions."

In his post, the artiste continued to lash out at the local media, stating that as a result of misleading stories being fed to the public, he is reluctant to give any interviews.

"Almost every media 'disorganisation' in Jamaica is guilty of the misleading of the Jamaican people," he said. "I'm afraid to be interviewed by them because even after they talk with the artiste and record hours of themselves asking creative people very shallow questions, their main focus remains on the misleading of Jamaican people."

In a 2015 interview with Billboard magazine at the Governor's Ball, the artiste accused the media of 'fixing things for their own benefit' after he suffered tremendous backlash for comments he made about President Barack Obama. Since then, the artiste has opted to use his social media accounts to address any pertinent issues involving himself, instead of speaking with the media.

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