Money pull-up is destroying dancehall - Facebook Hero

January 20, 2017
Facebook Hero

Internet sensation Facebook Hero has caused yet another social media blow up after another one of his videos went viral.

This time, the vlogger addressed the issue of 'money pull-up' and how much the phenomenon has helped to "destroy the party vibes".

In the video, Facebook Hero talks about his experience at a recent dance, explaining that while he and a female companion were dancing to Charly Black's diamond-selling hit, Party Animal, the selector quickly switched the song, changing the atmosphere of the party, after some men offered him money to play something else.

He said he decided to voice his opinion because he has had enough of the "licky-licky style inna di dancehall.

"Everybody a complain 'bout it, but nobody nah really talk. Mi affi talk because it a get annoying now," he said. "Mi nah enjoy myself a party again and di girl dem a complain say dem nah enjoy demself neither."

The vlogger said he was hitting out at a specific selector, who he refused to name.

His video was reposted by several entertainers who agreed the phenomenon was doing more harm than good for entertainers' careers.

Facebook Hero said he wasn't expecting the post to attract so much attention, but is happy that his views are shared by many.

He hoped this will be the push entertainers and other industry players need to begin fixing things.

He encouraged selectors, both experienced and the up-and-coming ones, to weed out the bad seeds. He also asked artistes to come out and speak about the issue.

The money pull-up issue is not new to the dancehall and has experienced a growth in recent years.

Several selectors have been accused of collecting moneys from patrons to hear a particular song repeated several times.

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