RJRGLEANER Group ready for 'Invasion'

January 28, 2017
Matthew Edwards (left) eyes a bubble blower while getting his face painted by clowns at the RJRGLEANER road tour launch
Sakina Deer (left) and a young member of the audience try to keep up with Neville Bell's dance moves while Emprezz Golding (right) gives 'directions'.
Talia Soares (left) and Sakina Deer live on air at the Fame FM booth.
Members of the public line up for a turn in the First Heritage Co-Operative Credit Union money grab machine.
Members of the audience get a close-up view of the entertainment.
This woman was definitely having fun at the event.
Radio personality Izah Bing (left) invites Julie-Ann Smith (right) to sing along to a song on air, while Marlon Brown looks on.
The crowd enjoying the activities.
Daniel Rowe shows the crowd how to do the 'Tom Cruise' dance.
Members of the public used every angle to get a view.


The newly formed RJRGLEANER Communications Group yesterday launched its 'Cross Country Invasion' event at Emancipation Park.

The invasion will see the RJRGLEANER group invading various sections of the island over the next few weeks embarking on various charity-based visits and entertainment events.

Judging by the launch which saw performances from several popular entertainers as well as some steamy juggling from Hitz FM's DJ Tropical and Fame FM's DJ Kurt Riley, the invasion is poised to become one of the most talked about events this year.

Group CEO Gary Allen, said he was pleased with the response and support for the event.

He also revealed that the 13 year-old event was originally designed to target western Jamaica.

However over time it outgrew its target audience, spreading to the entire island. He also gave a better idea of what the merger would entail.

"Our primary goals are to ensure that we have a strong media entity that is Jamaican-owned, based in Jamaica and ready to take information about things Jamaican to the rest of the world," he said. "We want to be the prominent media entity that anyone comes to about all things that goes global about Jamaica."

As for the merger's entertainment value, Allen said the public can expect first world coverage.

"Entertainment is an area that appeals globally and THE STAR entertainment product is a strong product; there is a level of it in 'The Gleaner' too. We had RE TV, entertainment programmes on TVJ, Fame FM is the entertainment capital of Jamaica, and so we are bringing all of that together to offer the strongest product that one can get from a combined group about Jamaican entertainment," he said.

The RJRGLEANER Communications Group Cross Country Invasion will include visits to churches on Sundays, weekly activities at small businesses, visits to infirmaries and children's homes, road shows and sporting activities.

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