Entertainers wary of US travel ban

February 01, 2017
ZJ Rush
Macka Diamond

The travel ban imposed by the President of the United States President Donald Trump has been the centre of many heated discussions across the globe for the past few days. Here, at home things were no different.

Several entertainers locally and internationally have been moved by the situation now affecting more than 130 million people as the travel ban imposed by President Trump has hindered many in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia from reuniting with their families and friends in the US.

Bounty Killer, Ce'Cile, Akon, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna were among those who voiced their opinions on social media dubbing the president’s latest move as sad and painful.

Entertainer Macka Diamond also voiced her opinions on the president’s latest move urging Jamaicans bearing US visas to brace themselves for anything.

While she doesn’t believe that there will be any serious implications for Jamaica, the entertainer says Jamaicans should be on the alert.

“I think it’s a wake-up call for all the countries. The president has decided that he wants to take back his country and won't show no sympathy. So, right now I’m bracing myself for anything because this man is serious,” she said.

“I hope that people who think they are gonna be affected spend time figuring out a next way out. I know if it happens to us Jamaicans, we just gonna have to adjust.”

Tough-talking ZJ Rush, while stating that he is sympathetic to those being affected, is puzzled as to why people are now protesting the president’s actions when he is simply fulfilling his campaign promises.

“The man is tearing apart families. Family members overseas can’t get to reunite with those in the US and they have visas. It’s sickening” he said.

“But it's funny how people are surprised and protesting now when everything he is doing is not only what he campaigned on but what was written on all his websites all this time under his ‘First 100 days as President'.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding what President Trump will do next, like Macka Diamond, ZJ Rush doesn’t foresee any similar actions being taken against Jamaicans.

“It’s hard to tell, but working off the fact that everything he is now doing is according to his proposed presidential plan, I hope not,” he said comparing Trump to Hitler.

“But Hitler didn’t start out as drastic in 1919 either. Plus Trump has shown that he has no love black people by his actions in the incident with the five black boys in 1989, so I can't be comfortable.”

While many persons across the world are uneasy and holding their breaths to see what President Trump will do next, Rush said he believes Trump’s reign will be short-lived.

“He will never get re-elected ever,” he said. “The question seems to be whether or not he will last the full four years and not be impeached.”

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