Reggae Month Wednesday concerts to stay in Mandela Park

February 01, 2017
File Christopher Martin
Ken Boothe
Dennis Brown in performance.

The concerts each Wednesday during Reggae Month celebrating Jamaican popular music are once again being held in Mandela Park, Half-Way Tree. Previously, the free concerts were held at Emancipation Park, New Kingston, and the Ranny Williams Centre on Hope Road, St Andrew.

Coleen Douglas, marketing/public relations coordinator for Reggae Month, told The STAR that cost is one of the factors for going to and staying with the venue, as through the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation's (KSAC) efforts, "it costs significantly less."

The audience it attracts, including persons going through the transportation hub, is also a factor that influenced the venue selection as well as the fact that the park is name for Nelson Mandela.

"Inside, it is very beautiful. The acoustics are good," Douglas said. "After Capleton's show last year, we know it can handle a good crowd."

Apart from the Wednesday concerts, Reggae Month 2017 events include panel discussions, sound system performance, and a Sunday series on mento at the Institute of Jamaica. Reggae Month 2017 is being hosted by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) under the theme Reggae Mecca.


Tonight: starting 6:30 p.m

Venue: Mandela Park, Half-Way Tree

Performances by: Christopher Martin, Warrior King, Jah 9, Christopher Ellis, Prophecy, D Major, Lymie Murray, Skalareg, Marla Brown, Freddie McGregor, Ken Boothe, George Nooks, Richie Stephens, Big Youth and Bongo Herman.

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