Gully Bop fathers newborn? - management team silent on matter

February 15, 2017

Gully Bop's management is neither denying nor confirming that he is the father of a newborn.

A photo of the dancehall artiste posing with the baby went viral on Monday night.

Social media users were sent into a frenzy as they speculated about whether or not the child was his.

While some offered congratulatory messages, others began making fun of the entertainer, some even going as far as to question the deejay's virility.

"This can't real, Gully Bop really breed somebody," one user posted.

"A must jacket that," another commented.


Reflect negatively


Well aware of the brutal nature of social media users, Gully Bop's management team told THE STAR that for now they do not wish to put any information out there that would reflect negatively on their client and those around him.

"We do not wish to disclose any such information to the media at this time," said Joel 'Chex' Smith, Bop's manager. "We do not want all the drama and the unnecessary attention and bad energy surrounding the child, so we wish to keep that information to ourselves for now.

He added: "This is a newborn and it's a very delicate situation so we have to be very careful with how we put information out there."

Smith promised to give more details in the coming weeks.

He said right now, his client is focused on making an explosive comeback, and is channeling all his time and energy into creating new material.

"He has a new single that will be dropped really soon. It's called Monkey Whine, and it has already been mixed and mastered so look out for that," he said.


Film appearance


He also mentioned that contrary to what many may think, news that his client will be making an appearance on the new season of 50 Cents hit TV series, Power, is no joke.

"Everything is in the works," he said, explaining that filming was already done and that Bop would have a speaking role. "I can't give too much details but he will be speaking. It won't be a role where you see him every week, it will just be a one-time thing, but he will definitely be talking."

News that the entertainer had landed a role in the TV series surfaced last December when a photo of Bop and the G-Unit boss himself began circulating on the Internet.

At that time, THE STAR spoke to Bop, who hinted he would be making an appearance on the show; but many remain skeptical.

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