Shawn Ice eager to open for Sizzla

February 16, 2017
Shawn Ice


Overseas-based dancehall artiste Shawn Ice, is set to open for iconic reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji at a show in Washington DC next week. The artiste, who recently released his sophomore EP, dubbed 'The Dancehall Truth', said opening for Sizzla presents a world of opportunities.

"I am super excited to open for a living legend. To be honest, sharing the stage with an artiste that I grew up listening to is a goal I've been working towards since the start of my career," Shawn Ice said.

Shawn Ice, who is also promoting songs like Mixture and Birthday Sex, believes his addition to the show is an indication that his career is on the right path.

"This is a huge opportunity. The industry is filled with lots of young artistes. So for promoters to choose me from the large pool of talent out that means I am on the right track and my hard work is showing. It feels great to be recognised and booked by promoters to perform on big shows," he said.

While some acts would be overwhelmed by the occasion, Shawn Ice is neither nervous nor threatened by Sizzla's status.

He sees the opportunity as a chance to hone his own performance skills.

"This is not a heavy burden for me. I will go out there and use my talent to deliver a spectacular performance. I have some experience opening for big acts. This is another opportunity to excel in my career and further groom me for big stages," he said.

Shawn Ice said fans can expect an explosive performance consisting of favourites and new songs.

"I plan to engage the audience and have fun, while providing top notch reggae and dancehall entertainment. I will ensure that everyone in the venues get their money's worth from the beginning to the end," he said.

Shawn Ice recently released a video for Birthday Sex, which also features female dancehall act Double DDee. He has also confirmed 15 dates across four countries for his 2017 spring tour.

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