Kgn 5 goes red for Rojo

February 20, 2017
Anna made a 'Rojo' statement in a red dress.
A hot lady in the thick of things at th recent Kgn 5 Rojo edition party.
Fire signals patrons' delight at Kgn 5 Rojo, held recently at Suzie's Bakery, Southdale Plaza, off Constant Spring Road, St Andrew.

It was another staging of Smirnoff Kingston 5 and another massive turnout as Kubanz Entertainment and Big Dreams Entertainment presented the event's 'Rojo' edition on Friday, February 11.

Suzie's car park, Southdale Plaza, off Constant Spring Road, was a sea of red as patrons stuck to the theme of the night. Long lines at the gate, decorated cabanas and Roses Entertainment ladies in body hugging dresses were all signs of what was to come.

The stellar DJ line-up of Tony Matterhorn, Coppershot Sound and ZJ Ice ensured that patrons had their musical cravings satisfied. Smirnoff bottles caught the light and bartenders and waitresses were kept busy, much to the delight of the promoters.

"We appreciate the tremendous support we receive with each staging, this one being extremely special. I consider this the icing on the proverbial cake, today being my birthday," said a beaming Chavaughn Oneil of Kubanz Entertainment.

Kareem Weathers of Big Dreams Entertainment said "We have to give God thanks for mercies granted great and small. During set-up, we always get some showers of blessing, then comes the reward for the hard work put in by our respective teams. Two teams, one family. See you all again in May."

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