Kool Out Sundayz to ignite Maggotty

February 23, 2017
Razor B

Maggotty in St Elizabeth will experience the ultimate synergy of music and dancing on Sunday when some of dancehall's finest will descend on the Breadbasket Parish for the Guinness Kool Out Sundayz.

The highly anticipated monthly series has become a hit in the western end of Jamaica, as patrons also journey from Kingston and other parts of Jamaica to be a part of the flair with which the event brings at each staging.

The event is held on the greenery at the Breadnut Valley JPS Power Station.


Entertainment and togetherness


In a release to THE STAR, the organisers said, "The event is held with the main purpose of entertainment and togetherness of surrounding communities. At a small cost, patrons are treated with very high calibre of artistes."

It will cost patrons $500 to enter the event.

This Sunday, entertainers Tifa, Razor B, DHQ Nickesha and Marvin Di Beast will be performing at the Party and Dancing themed edition. Nikki Chromazz will host the event.

Resident sound system Redd Heat will share the role of providing music with Mega Squad, CD Fantasy with DJ Ruxie, DJ Cardo, and ZJ Nova.

"Partying in St Elizabeth has never been this fabulous. Kool Out Sundayz also aims to give exposure to upcoming artistes from the rural parts of the island. We are devoted to making the event known to Jamaica as well as continue to meet the expectations of our valued supporters," one of the promoters said.

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