Julian ‘JuJu’ Marley travels over mountains with redemption songs

February 24, 2017
Julian 'JuJu' Marley, the fifth son of the legendary Bob Marley, during an interview atthe Bob Marley Museum on Old Hope Road on Tuesday.

Julian 'JuJu' Marley's work has taken him on stages in China, around Europe, and through festival tours of the United States. The British reggae singer has begun the campaign for his fourth album in Jamaica with the release of a brand-new single.

"It's called Are You the One, and basically what we ah say is music comes to the people and travel distances away, no matter how far," Marley told THE WEEKEND STAR.

In the song, JuJu, the fifth son of the legendary Bob Marley, he sings that he has travelled over mountains and oceans, taking with him reggae music.

"I mean, are you the one? You can say yes or no. It is a question," he said. "Reggae music is the people's music, and when we play music, it's not about self. It's about people," Marley said.




The song speaks to the reach of reggae as well as it power to influence change and "bring joy into desolate places".

In anticipation of his next album this summer, JuJu Marley said he hopes to kick-start the campaign for the album in Jamaica.

"We are here in Jamaica. Jamaica is the roots, the foundation of the reggae music, so there's no better place to kick it off than right here, ah Yaad."

Many of Marley's performances have taken him on international ground, but now the artiste is ready and open for offers to perform in Jamaica.

"I don't really get that much performances here yet, but I'm always open. The phone is here," he laughed.

Still, Marley expressed that "anywhere we go, is the same spiritual connection with the people, because it's spirit to spirit. That connection there is greater than anything, so it's great playing everywhere. It's almost like you get the same connection and feeling everywhere you go," he said.

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