T Face speaks against child molestation

March 04, 2017
Contributed T Face

With the new single 'Lowe Di Likkle Pickney', which denounces child molestation, emerging reggae artiste T Face is hoping to rehash the passion for reggae and dancehall music locally.

T Face has embarked on a mission to bring the plight of the poor and downtrodden back to the forefront of Jamaican music.

According to the artiste, the music has lost its grip on social commentary, and with the record, he intends to fulfil that mission.

The Manchester-based artiste has been developing his own fan base in his community. He highlighted that it was not easy to break into mainstream from rural Jamaica, however, he feels that good music will always rise to the top.

Regarding Lowe Di Likkle Pickney, his publicist, Luxsuko Campbell, believes that the song is timely and speaks to a very important issue.

"We recently had very sad news about some girls that were being molested, and we just want to keep the message out there that such actions should not be supported by Jamaicans," he said, opining that the song should resonate with every Jamaican.

"The children are our future, so we have to grow them the right way and don't impose negative ways on them," Campbell said. "So we want to play our role in socialisation because music is not just about party and bad-mind song. It takes a village to raise a child they say, and so we must all play a role."

Lowe Di Likkle Pickney has been receiving rotation on local radio.

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