Scheema plans dancehall takeover

March 14, 2017

Up-and-coming recording artiste Scheema is set on taking the music industry by storm and apparently has everything to prove it.

The St Andrew-based singjay shows every intent of dominating as he has released his first three singles, Hustler Struggle, One Day and Love Crazy, all on the Guerrilla Music Production label.

"I know I have what it takes. My style different, my songs are what people can relate to and they all tell a story," he said.

Scheema said this all started from using television to play the rhythm and recording his songs on a Nokia phone.




"People heard them and give me a boost, and from there I worked my way up to studio and stage. So when I finally take over I can say, 'Yes my determination got me this far'," said the artiste.

Born Mark Brooks, Scheema hails from a small community in Gordon Town known as Mammee River, where he would sing for the people in the community and write songs for their football team.

The St George's College past student began his musical journey in 2015, when he recorded his first song.

"The journey has been long and hard, a lot of ups and downs, but I am determined to make waves. Most of the work done, when it comes to Scheema, is done by me," he said.

Scheema is set to release three new singles by the end of April.

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