Facebook Hero demands apology - Marvin The Beast insists that no threat was made

March 15, 2017
Facebook Hero
Dancer Marvin The Beast
Facebook Hero


Social media sensation Facebook Hero wants dancer Marvin The Beast to apologise on behalf of his brother for threats his sibling made to a member of Hero's family.

According to Facebook Hero, Marvin's brother, who goes by the name Money Beast, threatened to kill his little sister, a threat he says he has taken very seriously, especially given the fact that his little sister is physically challenged.

"Mi tek it serious of course. Dat nuh fi come outta nobody mouth, no matter what, especially wid all weh a gwaan a road right now wid di woman dem, and yuh say this live pan social media," he said.


Threats seriously


"Marvin and him likkle bredda not even know wah dem do when dem go threaten mi likkle handicap sister. Mi sister can't even do nothing fi herself but turn her head."

Facebok Hero added that despite taking the threats seriously, neither he nor any member of his family have gone to the police to make a formal report.

"Marvin and him bredda can't do nothing. Dem a bruk pocket, and yuh haffi have money fi do things first of all," he said.

"We nuh need to go to no police. We a work things out our way. Not because unuh see man a fly roun inna cape and mask, mi a nuh clown. Him can't do my sister nothing cause from him cross Flat Bridge, mi a get a phone call."

Facebook Hero says he wants no friendship of any kind with Marvin, but wants the dancer to apologise for the threats made to his sister.

He also explained that his green card and any other paperwork regarding his US citizenship cannot be questioned and urged promoters to contact him directly in the future instead of listening to what he claims is hearsay.




Calls to Marvin The Beast's phone went unanswered. However, in a live feed on his Instagram page, the dancer addressed claims made by his former friend and music partner. The dancer stood by his little brother, stating that his sibling did not threaten Hero's sister.

"Di man nuh threaten nobody. Him only say yah diss man and have yuh handicap sister a Jamaica," he said. "If anybody did wah do your sister sup'm, it woulda happen long time. Nobody nuh turn up a yuh yaad or call pon nuh phone."

The friends-turned-foes have been engaged in a nasty feud via social media since Monday, and neither party seems to be ready to reconcile. Fans have, however, urged both Marvin The Beast and Facebook Hero to end the feud before things get out of control.

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