UWI Carnival set to thrill patrons

March 17, 2017

Carnival fans have much to look forward to at this year's University of the West Indies (UWI) Carnival.

The season officially commenced yesterday at Integration Thursdays, held at the UWI Mona, while J'Ouvert will be hosted tonight at the Sand Pit.

Patrons should be thrilled by DJ Smoke, DJ Lantern MD, DJ Nicco, DJ Franco and DJ Richie Ras.

The Ring Road street party, the icing on UWI's carnival cake, will occupy all major routes on the Mona campus on Saturday and promises to be a spectacle of colour and entertainment.

The event will feature 14 bands.

The season's activities will conclude with Sunday's staging of the annual exotic Beach Party.

"Carnival this year will be amazing. We are focusing heavily on the event execution to foster a better experience for patrons who attend. People should support this year because this is one of the biggest events in Jamaica," said UWI's cultural entertainment and affairs chairperson, Navron Henry.

"The funds raised from this event go back to the students. We have an assistance programme where the majority of the carnival funds go towards initiatives to benefit the students," he added.

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