Award-winning promoter credits Alkaline for success

March 18, 2017
Daniel 'Legacy Boss' Wright

Eighteen-year-old events manager Daniel 'Legacy Boss' Wright, recently walked away with the award for Best Young Promoter of 2016 at the recently concluded Clarendon Entertainment Awards.

According to Wright, who recently graduated from Vere Technical High, his success was inspired by listening to the music of controversial dancehall artiste Alkaline.

"I came up with the name 'Legacy' after hearing the Alkaline song titled Formula. This song has really been an inspiration to me and gave me the drive to push through my many obstacles also with the help of God," he said.

Wright, who also walked away with the award for Stage Show of the year for the event 'Legacy Invasion', noted lines from Alkaline's record which motivated his drive to strive for success.

"Dem nay waa mi yah mi cut and come back with the Formula have everybody speechless like Michael Jackson song enuh ... mi Legacy will never die a swear " he chanted to THE STAR.

The promoter is now looking to capitalise on the his success by creating new events and expanding his brand. He also said his award is a victory for underdogs.

"As a youth growing up in the ghetto, mi always wish fi God shine some light and he really did and for that I'm forever thankful," he said. "I will continue to think out of the box and produce quality entertainment for my parish and hopefully expand to other places. Mi just want youths know that no matter what the odds are you can make it out of poverty. Just be determined."

Legacy Invasion was held on December 10 last year.

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