GSO lives up to expectations

March 18, 2017
Renowned dancer Mystic Davis pose for the camera.
Media personality and host Nikki Z.
Meet the gorgeous Samantha, she is a hostess from Roses Entertainment.
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Samantha (centre) with sisters Babae (left) and Lacy.
Friends out enjoying GSO.
Dr Tonian Hines and Teren.
The ladies 'carry on' during the event.
Dancer Cuban reps for Sunset Bliss.
Promo girls, reps for Magnum New Rules, featuring Alkaline schedule for March 25.

Prodigious Entertainment under the direction of businessman Ian Miles has done it again.

This time with the highly anticipated GSO (Gyal Songs Only) party that was held at St Lucia Avenue car park in New Kingston recently.

The whole night belonged to the women, with songs from various eras and genres dedicated to the females; and they had a field day.

"We are really happy for this event as some selectors at various parties don't allow us females to dance or enjoy ourselves is bear chattings and pull up dem a deal wid," one female patron told THE STAR.

Prodigious Entertainment is also the brainchild of the popular Alka-Vybz party that matches the lyrical prowess of two of Jamaica's best dancehall artists, Vybz Kartel and Alkaline in a one-night event.

GSO was hosted by the lovely and versatile, media personality Nikki Z while the party's ambassador is one of the island's hottest dancers DaniiBoo.


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