Edi Fitzroy's daughter lays rumours to rest - Singer's funeral date now set

March 22, 2017
Edi Fitzroy

Those waiting to pay their final respects to the reggae veteran Edi Fitzroy watched with uncertainty as reports of infighting between family members surfaced.

Over the past week, confusion has been at the helm of plans surrounding the burial of the late reggae singer.

However, after dismissing claims that the family would need assistance to bury the deceased, Edi Fitzroy's daughter, Marie Edwards, says it's all systems go for her father's send-off next week.


working closely


Edwards, who resides in the Cayman Islands, says the funeral is set for March 26 at the Tent City Seventh-day Adventist Church in Portmore. The service is expected to start at 1 p.m. with interment at Dovecot Memorial Gardens.

Edwards says she plans to involve the music industry in the funeral as much as possible, as her father would have appreciated that.

"My father was a part of that industry for years and there are a lot of people who want to be involved with the funeral, and we want to give them that chance. I am now working closely with those in the entertainment fraternity to give my father the funeral he deserves," she said.

She added that the 'begging of money' in the media has caused her family tremendous pain and a world of embarrassment. Now, she says she just wants to put the issue behind her.

"You can just imagine how much persons after reading those stories are saying, 'Den she couldn't find some money bury her father?'. That hurt me, and it would hurt my father even more," she said. "My father was a very private man and a man of class and dignity. To have this issue of begging money out there like that is embarrassing and it's an insult to who my father was."

Edwards dismissed claims that she was not actively involved in her father's life, and that the latter led to her cousin being handed the responsibility of making funeral arrangements.


own benefit


"I am the eldest daughter for my father, and I don't live in Jamaica, but we had a good relationship. We were in touch right through his illness," she told THE STAR.

She refused to comment on whether or not she believes her cousin was running a scam for his own benefit. Instead, she revealed that Fitzroy's body has now been officially handed over to her.

When The STAR contacted Ali Edwards, the nephew who was in charge of the funeral plans, he confirmed that Edi Fitzroy's body was no longer in his possession and said he is no longer involved in making the funeral arrangements.

When probed as to why he had taken charge the way he did by soliciting money to help with the funeral, Edwards expressed that he did not wish to speak further on the matter.

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