Jahmiel remains positive despite feud

March 24, 2017

Reggae/dancehall artiste Jahmiel is currently embroiled in a feud with fellow dancehall artiste Vershon, which has seen the mostly positive artiste opting to deliver some rather controversial lyrics over the last week.

The singjay, who is set to perform at several events in the US over the next few weeks, told THE WEEKEND STAR he will continue to deliver positive music.

He however noted that he was no walkover in the music industry.

"My fans can expect Jahmiel to continue to give them great music, music that speaks about their struggles, music that speaks about their triumphs against the ones who try to fight their success, music that speaks about the success and joy they feel when they buy their first vehicle or house, and versatility to let the enemies know we say righteousness," he said. "But we a nuh fool. To my fans, never forget the strongest soldier get the hardest fight."

The artiste, who was steadily releasing songs for over five years before finally getting his break in 2015 with the single Gain The World, also said he is grateful for the current progress of his career.




"It's a great feeling, but it's one that comes with a lot of work. I give thanks for all the hard work and years I had to put in, as it probably just was not my time; but the acknowledgement from my fans and co- workers is a great feeling and one I give thanks for," he said.

As for his upcoming performances at US-based events Reggae On the Hill and Best of the Best, he said he brings high energy and a level of enjoyment when fans come to see him perform.

"These days, it's not easy to spend your hard-earned money to go and see your favourite artiste perform and when you leave the venue, you feel as if they didn't deliver," he said. "To my fans, they can expect Jahmiel to deliver 200 per cent. Performing overseas, I get the opportunity to sing songs that I may not necessarily sing in Jamaica, and I get the opportunity to connect with new people and develop various business opportunities."

The music video for his latest single Strongest Soldier will be released in April.

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