Raine Seville to raise ZIKV awareness

March 30, 2017

Recording artiste Raine Seville has collaborated with the Ministry of Health on their latest effort to raise public awareness about the Zika virus (ZIKV).

According to the artiste who is the face of the Ministry of Health's media campaign, she wants to play a role in saving lives.

The mother of one is banking on her celebrity status in the music industry to spread the information to a new audience.

"I decided to be a part of it because the message is very important. We've all heard and seen the news of how dangerous and widespread the ZIKV disease is. It's a sickness that can affect not only babies and pregnant women but all of us through a mosquito bite if we don't take the necessary measures to protect ourselves. So I felt it was important for me to use my platform/celebrity to further spread the awareness of it," she said.

Raine Seville was also instrumental in the writing process for the ZIKV theme song now aired on commercial media outlets.




"Knowing that you can use your brand to spread a good message is an accomplishment in itself. The feedback is very fulfilling and people come up to me saying they see me in that new ad about ZIKV," she said.

Andrea Campbell, coordinator of the Zika Media Campaign, said many young people don't realise how serious the virus and microcephaly can be.

"Our young girls look up to artistes like Raine Seville and we knew that she would be able to bridge the gap and connect with these girls who are at risk. The song is catchy and the video is entertaining ... we were happy to have Raine Seville as the face of this campaign," she said.

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