Admiral Bailey explains 'Two Year Old'

April 03, 2017
Part of the large audience at Stars R Us, held on Saturday night at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, Hope Road, St Andrew.
Admiral Bailey performing at Stars R Us that was held at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St Andrew recently.

In a performance at Saturday night's Stars R Us, during which he mixed talking to the large audience with delivering his popular songs, Admiral Bailey gave an explanation of Two Year Old that mixed speech and song.

He was in the second segment of the concert at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, Hope Road, St Andrew. The deejays, Bailey, Yellowman and Josey Wales, were placed towards the end, with George Nooks, Johnny Clarke and surprise performer Beres Hammond (who did a few songs as a Stars R Us 'brawta') the singers as the event moved towards a close.

In the earlier going The Jays, Ernest Wilson (performing without Clarendonians partner Peter Austin), Dennis Walks and The Silvertones up to intermission, then Patrick Buddo and Ken Boothe after, presented consistently high quality music to the large audience.


Some clarification


Coming on stage shortly after midnight, Admiral Bailey opened with Jump Up, which members of the audience happily did. Think Me Did Done and Big Belly Man came before Two Year Old. The jolly Admiral recalled the reaction in some quarters to the song when it came out, then said he was going to do it with "some clarification."

"When I say two year old I don't mean the age," he said and then performed the song, identifying various body parts as he deejayed that his lady's underarm has to smell good and her breasts cannot be "flappy flappy". On the lines "hol up yu arm if yu arm frowzy/No put e dung cause me smell it already" a few people were caught and Bailey said "a fun, no man, she smell sweet."

Uring his performance Yellowman took off his shirt to finish his performance in a merino, showing toned arms to go with his high foot lifts and kicks as he promised men who harm woman a boot.

Lloyd Parkes and We The People Band supported the vocalists, while Mutabaruka played recorded music.

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