Top selectors for Gangsters In Black

April 05, 2017
Boom Boom

Cass GoHard and his GoHard team have been hitting the streets in full force as they make final preparations for the Gangsters in Black Anniversary party set to take place on Saturday at the Olympia Crown Hotel, 53 Molynes Road.

"I hope dance fans know Gangsters in Black third anniversary is not a normal party. The dress code says it all elegant. Even though we say 'Gangsters in Black', the ladies play a pivotal role in the whole vibe and success of the party, and I'm assured that our female patrons will also dress the part," Cass GoHard told THE STAR.

"We have also included some of the best in the business musically in our disc jock line-up. Top selectors Boom Boom, alongside Harry Hype, Chris Diamond, the lady's favourite DJ Hattaclaps, DJ Banka and Ricky Trooper," said Cass GoHard, adding that promotions have also been done overseas. Guests from abroad are anticipated to be in attendance.

He said that plans are now in place to give the third anniversary an international flavour.

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